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Your loyal associate to whom secrets are confided and with whom private matters and problems are discussed.


Managing to Obtain a clear, measurable result of the program that is planned.


Developing key performance indicators and dashboards that demonstrate predictions of performance.

Health Status

The goal to improve the patient’s health status where the person requires less intense medical intervention.

Our Promises

We always support you in implementing change

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Our Happy Clients!

KB, CIO Health Insurer

"Dr Bonhag designed the whole program and all the projects to get it done…he kept it all moving and together for us…and I recruited him again for another organization."

Dr. H. Chief Medical Officer, Health Insurer

"Our goal was to increase health status and reimbursement with several innovative approaches that we developed with Dr. Bonhag…turned out to be a big success."

JC, CIO Health Insurer

"After several false starts, we asked Dr. Bonhag to take over the project and get it done so that our providers would benefit and he managed the team to get it done."

Sister S. CEO, Hospital System

"We are focused not only on providing excellent care for patients but also on supporting our staff…he made sure of both…realized operating savings."

DA, EVP Health Insurer

We had to roll out a new product and with it he was able to redesign our enrollment process with a really large increase in memberships.

BK, SVP. Health Insurer

"I can count on Dr. Bonhag to get outcomes that we needed (and promised)…he did it for me before…"

Ted H. CEO, Hospital System

"I really leaned on him to think about managing the organization change."

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