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Tips And Strategies For Strategic Project Success!

Have you been struggling to put together a new strategic project? Are you just beginning to start one? Do you not even know where to start but need to accomplish a strategic initiative in the healthcare industry?

Look no further. Here at Chase Group, we have put together a short video with 9 tips you need to know for implementing any type of strategic project in healthcare. Watch below as our founder Robert Bonhag lays out these tips he’s learned from years of experience in implementing strategic projects for a multitude of healthcare providers.

To go along with the video, we have attached 3 documents that you as an executive can download and use for free! The first document is a free Project Charter template we here at Chase Group have developed to help you plan out your next project. The second document is all about Health Status (let us call it a Health Status Cheat Sheet if you will), and alternative ways to track it. If you want to check out more on health status, take a look at my last blog that explored, in depth, the topic here. The third and final document we have attached for you contains a more detailed and informative list of all the tips we discuss in the video. No need to take notes, just download all the documents for free directly below!

We hope you have enjoyed the content we provided with you, and we hope you are able to make great use out of it. We wish you the best in implementing your next project!

Written By:

Shane Andrews

Chase Group Ltd.

Written by:

Robert Bonhag

Chase Group Ltd.

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