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Medicare Advantage: One path to a five-star plan

The CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) released its star rating list for Medicare Advantage plans for 2020. And as roughly 80% of all Medicare members choose plans with four or more stars, these ratings are foundational to a plan’s success. If your program didn’t yet make the cut, don’t despair. There are specialists, such as the Chase Group, Ltd., to help you earn your stars. And here’s one easy rule to follow from Chase…

Empower Patients To Take Part. CMS Ratings Are Fueled By Member Experience.

Did members get both the care AND the information they needed? Was the information understood and acted upon? Were they keeping track of their own progress? As any healthcare professional knows, ensuring patients “stick with the program” is critical to both success and satisfaction. Equipping members with technology — such as mobile or web apps to review results, fulfill pre-enrollment requirements, access resources, and communicate their needs — creates an easy way to help ensure engagement. And an engaged patient is a more satisfied patient, and essential to a successful healthcare plan. Five stars are closer than you think. Contact Chase Group, Ltd. for a free consultation. Click here to set up a time to talk.

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Robert Bonhag

Chase Group Ltd.

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