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Navigating CMS’ Five Star Rating System: Secrets Of Success For Medicare Advantage Plans

Rarely does a Medical Advantage plan provider achieve a five-star rating from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) by chance.

There is a specific set of performance metrics that get you there, and Chase Group, Ltd. can help you identify each metric and equip you and your team with the tools and techniques to meet them. It starts with the right dataset.

Are you capturing how well each of your reps addresses every member inquiry and complaint? Are you measuring attrition? Are you analyzing how your team is helping members manage chronic long-term conditions? Are you collecting data on how well members adhere to programs and prescriptions?

With Chase Group, Ltd., working alongside you and your team, you’ll quickly uncover ways you can innovate to improve the member experience and achieve a five-star rating. A dedicated consultant will craft a custom plan with measurable outcomes (for you AND your members) helping you create a data-driven culture based on improving performance, always.

Five stars are closer than you think. Contact Chase Group, Ltd. for a free consultation.

Written by:

Robert Bonhag

Chase Group Ltd.

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